RATES AND SERVICES


Understanding that pets have different personalities, likes and dislikes, we offer a free consultation to meet with you and your pets, discuss their specific needs, explain our services and obtain a house key.  

Rates:   $20.00 per visit

Care for three pets includes:  feeding, fresh water, play time, TLC time, brushing, litter care, dog walking and waste cleanup.  $2.00 for each additional pet over 3 pets.  Visits:  25-30 minutes              

Potty Break Visits:  $15.00 per 15-minute visit - Not available in all areas.  Call for rate.

Customized Plan:   Create a plan that best suits you and your pet.  Call for additional options.  Unlimited visits per day.

Complimentary Services:   As a convenience to our clients, we will bring in your newspapers, fliers and packages left at the door, trash bins out/in for collection, water plants (indoors/outdoors), adjust blinds, draperies and turn on lights you specify to make your home look occupied and increase your home security.

Key Service (No Charge): We'd be happy to keep the house key we obtain during the initial consultation which allows us to respond to short-notice pet sitting needs or schedule future visits with just a phone call, email or text message. This service is highly recommended by our clients.  NOTE:  If this service is not used, there is a $5.00 charge for pickup and return of your house key.

Payment:   Payment is due in full at the close of the initial consultation and signing of contracts.  Future payments may be left at your home.